Fiber Mill

 Hand made


Alpaca and llama fibers turned into beautiful, yarns, rovings, batts or felted sheets.  Check out our fiber mill page for more detailed info with pricing.

Need a gift for that special person or something warm and cuddly for yourself? Scarves, shawls, hats, sweaters to blankets.

Someone for everyone. Looking for breeding stock, fiber animals or a few to entertain you while they dance around the pasture.  We have them.

Animal Sales

Our males are proven and guaranteed.  Great confirmation and temperment. 

The farm and mill are closing. Mill equipment has been sold and now I am in the process of selling all of the alpacas.  The prices do not reflect the quality of the animal, but a quality home is essential for my babies.

 Linda Baker                                               931-728-5962

928 Parker Road.                                       

Manchester TN 37355