Chianti #

The fiber on this suri will take your breath away.  Lots of luster, length, nice flat locks.  She won Spirit of the Industry award at the TN fleece show in 2016. What a blast of color and fineness to add to your herd.


Sugar Baby

Fiber boy as we did not get paper from previous owner.  Lots of dense soft fiber for the fiber enthusiast and it takes dye beautifully!  He has been bred once, has a look a like son.  Would be great for a fiber farm.


Prima Donna  # 1023886

Experienced, good mom, very attentive and lots of milk. She is 7 years old, gets along great with the rest of the herd.  Never had any medical problems, she is however lazy when it comes to eating grain. She prefers her bowl on the ground where she will cush to eat.  Really thought we had a solid black until she was about 5 and then the grey background  started  to show .


LillyBelle # 35051381

Who doesn't love the grey? Beautiful color, nice square body and fiber that screams use me!  She is a maiden at 3, only because we have our hands full.  Out of our female AnnaBelle that has given us 95% females and a grey dad.  This one is really hard to let go.


Serenity # 32093117

Medium fawn Suri. Nice lock structure with silky fiber,  She was introduced to Christo, looking for a fall 2017 cria.


Psalm  #31705158

Bay black Suri. Twisty locks, luster that makes her look wet!  Psalm delivered!  This beautiful lady with the help of the handsome Beau from Judy & Jim Kurtz farm, a stunning girl.  No problem birthing, plenty of milk, Jezebel hit the ground running and has not stopped yet.  She has locks and luster, straight body and independent. 

Great deal on the pair $3200.00

Due to health reasons we need to move into retirement phase.  Priority is finding good homes, prices are negotiable but all for sale.  This is an extremely hard decision but our loss can be your gain. Here you will find just a few of the animals that reside at Legacy Acres, a herd of over 50  has something for everyone.  Huacayas and Suri, breeders to fiber animals, up close and personnel is a better way to check them out.  Looking for something in particular or need financing, we may be able to help with that also. I will be posting more animals soon, give us a call or email if you are interested in a particular animals.....all for sale.

Steele is a fiber boy. His legs are just a little skinny to be a breeder, but oh so close.  Great staple length, love that silver grey fiber and lots of it!

​$300.00 or reasonable offer

Marvelous  #

And she is! Beautiful suri mahogany color fleece that is soft, silky with luster.  Gets along great with the herd, will make an outstanding addition to your herd.


Lovie #30500532

 Beautiful black, gets along well with the herd. The first to run and greet everyone.  With Macusani and Sinopsis Nocturna in her background she needs a farm where she can produce those genetics.



Spittin image of her father McSteamy.  Easy going, dense buttery soft fiber.  Her fiber is the 2015 TN State Fair fleece winner.


Labour Dazey Storm #30322837

Experienced Mom, produces beautiful crias (check out Petunia) very attentive, lots of milk. She is our ladies alert system, even if it is just the neighbors cat! We were so pleased with Petunia, that she has been rebred to McSteamy for a fall 2017 cria.



The picture does not do her rose grey justice.  Each year after shearing there is more grey, spins to a buttery yarn.  Ready to begin her breeding career.  Very healthy, gets along with the herd.  Great addition to any herd.