Thank you to all of our past customers for your support.  The mill is closing and will not accept any more fiber orders.

Here at Legacy Acres Mill & More we believe that fiber is a very important part of an alpaca business.  Spring of 2010 began our venture into the business of mill spinning of fibers.  Let me explain a bit of our process and there are a few changes to how we operate, so please read.

Fiber is weighed on arrival.  Incoming weight is the number used to calculate your fees.  Prior to sending us your fiber you need to remove second cuts and as much vegetation, dirt and foreign matter as possible.  Each bag of fiber needs to have a completed processing form included, which I will be happy to e-mail to you.  We no longer offer to skirt your fiber for a fee.  We reserve the right to return fiber which is too contaminated with debris.

Fiber preparation - we give each bag 30 minutes of hand picking to remove anything you may have missed.  It is then tumbled and blown to remove dirt.  The fiber goes through two washes and at least two rinses with Shaklee Basic H, natural ph balanced product. It is then air dried.  Then we begin with the mill machines, the picker opens the fiber into a fluffy cloud.  After a small amount of oil is applied for static control it is onto the carder. It's job is to card and comb, aligning the fibers into a smooth roving or batt.  Hand spinners and fiber artists can take it from here to finish.  If yarn is to be the finished product on to the draw frame, again aligning any wayward fibers into a sliver ready to be spun.  The spinner then spins to complete the fiber into yarn, thin or thick single strains then plied for a finished product.

Fiber length needs to be between 2 and 6 inches.  Longer will require cutting.

Our operation is a small mill not focused on standard production but more toward the fiber artisan.  Before sending fiber we ask you e-mail for a time to send in fiber,  This will allow us to better schedule processing times.  Still have questions, give us a call, 931-728-5962 or e-mail.

Thank you for considering Legacy Acres Mill & More for your fiber needs.